An East Coast Bad Girl

Posted by Hazel under blogging, photos on Wednesday Apr 13, 2011

Hey Fans!

Sorry I have not blogged in a few… been busy getting settled in to the East Coast. At end of March I flew to Boston to see my aunt and then went straight to NYC. Where I met up with some on my sisters Morgan Bailey and Sexxxy Jade. I had a blast going out with them. Below is a pic of us out! It was nice seeing my girls while out this way. After all that I went back to my hometown Northampton where I am settling into my old life. Seeing family and friends while living back home. This are different but I do miss my LA life. But this is what I need to do right now in my life! But don’t fret there will still be updates on my site for you all!

Before I left LA I shot with Bob of Bob’s Tgirls. I got a little bad while working with him and as you can see below are some pics of my new bad girl side coming out! Please go check out Bob’s site to see the videos and photos! Click on the pics to go! Thanks to Bob for amazing work! I had a blast! And thanks to Michelle Austin for making me look gorgeous as always! Check out Bob’s Tgirl to see video and me! With the Fucking Machine!

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Last Night Was A Blast!

Posted by Hazel under Uncategorized on Saturday Oct 24, 2009


Yesterday was a busy one with the launch of the site and all, but I made some time for play later in the day. (Hey! That rhymes!) Anyways, so Astrid Shay popped over and then we went Halloween costume shopping. She got a couple little numbers for a show she is going to be doing down in San Diego at Club Deja Vu this coming week. I’ll let you all in on when and where it is so you can go fill her panties and bra with currency. LOL! You never know-I might just pop in to say “hi”. So yah- I’ll keep you posted on that.

Where were we again before I went off on a tangent…oh yah! Costume shopping. I decided I wasn’t going to buy a packaged costume this year like I have in the past. My mom always made my costumes when I was little, and this year I was feeling creative. Plus, I hate it when I see 50 people in that same costume as me. I need a little originality. I am not as crafty as my mother though- so I had to improvise and use some clothing articles I already had and buy accessories here and there. I think you’re all gunna love it. I can’t tell you what it is yet but I will give you a hint…Oz. That’s all I am saying. Lol! And no-it’s not Dorothy. I was her 2 years ago and because I was Lil Bo Peep this past year…well, let’s just say “I’m tired of being Miss Nice Girl!” 😉

So while Astrid and I were shopping for shoes we got yelled at by the store manager. She wasn’t a happy camper to say the least. Lol! Then on the way home a crazy person was cutting us off and almost running us off the road.

Morgan Bailey and Buddy Wood came over not too long after Astrid and I got back to my place. I tried on my costume and we toasted to the site’s launch. We all went out to Moe’s after for dinner. After dinner, we all came back to the house to get ready to go out to the Club Kobra. I was being my usual self and couldn’t find anything to wear so Morgan let me borrow one of her stylish little ensembles.

I was sad I didn’t see Auntie Felicia (Katt) or Amy Daly out last night.  However, it was wonderful to see faces I hadn’t seen in quite some time. I even got to officially meet porn director, Tom Moore.  Plus my favorite papparrazzi was there, Mr. Willie Escalade. And it just so happens I got in the way of his lense a time or two last nite.  🙂

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