Biting A Piece of That Big Apple

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<3 NYC<3

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Once Upon A Time…

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Tranny Nanny

By : Hazel Tucker

Int. Adia’s Apartment in Hollywood

Time Card: “2012 Hollywood, CA”

CLOSE UP: Adia’s body Rustles as the Alarm Blasts 9:00. She hits the alarm and stumbles out of bed still wearing a pink Shuteye mask that says “Not Tonight, Honey!” on it. She doesn’t take it off in time and as she turns the corner trips over some clothes on the way into the bathroom.

Int. Shower

Adia is listening to her voicemail on speaker phone.

Audio from phone while water is splashing:

First message: Hey Hottie, it’s Rick. Remember our 10:00? Hope you’re ready for me…I’ve been saving up all week for you.


(mocks “I’ve been saving…”)

She grabs a razor and starts shaving her legs.

Second message: Hey Hunny, just was wondering how you were doing. Tried you a couple times yesterday…well anyways, I know your a busy girl but I just wanted to tell you that your brother came over the other day and him and Jasmine are engaged! Isn’t that nice…

INT. ADIA’S Bedroom

CLOSE UP: of a tattoo on Adia’s back as she moves her body it looks like it’s flying- She Rolls under a man and he thrusts. She moans. Rick, get’s up and starts getting dressed. Adia is laying there under the blankets.


You suck dick like an angel, You know that doll?


(pushes hair out of her face)I dunno about an angel but I have to say I take pride in my fellatio skills.


(chuckles and winks)So next week then?


Can’t next week.


Oh?! Why, you out of town?


Just some family stuff.


That’s nice. (passes it off and tosses a wad of cash onto the bed)


Gotta love that family stuff!


(smiles)Yah, today’s Rachel and mine’s anniversary. 26 years…pfft! (pauses and adjusts his tie in a mirror hanging on the wall) Hey, do me a favor? Take that cute little (spanks her) ass of yours and go have fun.


You don’t have to tell me twice. (fanning the bills in front of her face)


Alright I’m off!

As he turns to leave he steps on the cat’s tail. It screams and darts under the bed.

Fuckin Cat!


Careful! You’ll hurt him.


Yah! Yah! Yah!

He leaves abruptly and a cat comes out from hiding and approaches Adia on the bed.


(to her cat)

Are you okay Boo bear?

She brings the cat closer and takes his paws and puppets

(in a squeaky playful voice)If that bastard steps on me one more time he’s kitty-litter!

Ext. outside Jimmy Choos

Closeup on the bottom of the door as she comes out with a new shiny pair on. She’s dressed like a sex kitten. Big smile on her face.

Int. Dressing Room at a strip Club

Adia backs away from the mirror. We see all that she is wearing, which isn’t much at all. She turns and puts her hand on the door knob but pauses for a second. The door smoothly swings open as she walks out onto a strip club turned adult film set. Door shuts behind her.

Int. Adia’s Apartment

Audio: Phone rings. Split screen.




(frantic)I need to talk to you! Margaritas at Mexicali! Fast as you can! I repeat this is not a drill! This is not a mother-fuckin-drill!



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Hot Boobies on HT.COM

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You can finally check out my new titties on HT.COM!

About this Set:
This Hot TS is runnin’ wild and lookin’ pretty and she wants to show all of you her new curves. Cum check out my new boobies in this sexy solo shot in the Big Apple.

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HT.COM Shoots CUmming SoOn! :-P

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So I’m shooting for HT.COM here in Manhattan and I’m loving being here as I always do. The rain is making me feel unproductive today but that’s what rainy days are for right? There’s no doubt I will live in NYC someday in the near future. Don’t get me wrong I love Western Mass, but at the moment my life seems to be lacking some umph I think the city could breath back into it. I’m ready for a change. I’m like a transgender nomadic woman- when I get that itch, the one that I feel when it’s time to relocate and switch things up- nothing is gunna satisfy my hunger for new experiences except getting out there and going for it.

While I’ve been here I’ve shot some really sexy stuff! Hope you all like the new stuff! My good friend, we’ll call him E, is such a great photographer! I’ve even been shooting some naughty new video content that my fans have been ever so patiently waiting for me to deliver. Poor E isn’t feeling so good though. I’ve been taking care of him and keeping him company while he recovers. Hellllllooooo nurse Hazel is here! Speaking of nurses… I need to do a hot role play scene about a guy that goes to the doc because his erection won’t go down. “Cough! Does that tickle?” ;-P Then i could like have my way with this man and cure him of what’s ailing him…

Went to Nars and got some new makeup yesterday!  “Ain’t nothin gonna hurt me when I got on my warpaint.” True Blood’s New Season starts June 10th, I think! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into another season. All those hunky monster men! Haha! I love Alcide and Eric. So Yummy! I’ve always been on “Team Bill” but I am kinda hoping to get to see Alcide fuck Sookie soon! LMAO! I know- I’m baaad.

Planning on putting my ad up next time I’m in NYC. So if you missed me this time you can catch me in a few weeks! I haven’t even gone out to one of the TS Clubs here since I got in town. :-*( Might step out Saturday night looking for some mischief.

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In NYC Again!

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Staying in Manhattan again. So good to be back in New York. Shooting some while I’m here for WWW.HAZEL-TUCKER.COM.

Random Note: I love the new Monica and Brandy song ‘It All Belongs To Me’. Soooo good. 🙂

Here’s a taste of the lastest on HT.COM:

Sometimes a good book is all you need…that, and a naughty Tgirl. 🙂 It’s time I got my face out of this book and sucked your cock. Naughty librarians watch out. Here I cum. 😛

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Webcam Shows!

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Cum see me doing naughty things just for you Live.

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So I’m back on the East Coast, and although I was saddened to leave all my close West Coast  friends behind in Cali – it feels so good to finally be home! Just had a nice little Easter dinner with my folks. I cooked lasagna and eggplant for dinner and managed to make a yummy cheese cake for dessert. Not half bad for a girl who doesn’t really do a ton of cooking. 🙂

On another note… Whilst out in San Francisco I met up with a fantastic surgeon in the Bay area  and purchased myself a pair of 36Ds. Yes! You read it! Hazel Tucker has a big pair of jugs now! I’ve always wanted bigger breasts and now I’ve got them and they feel and look great. I couldn’t be more happy with them. I’m pretty much all recovered… just a tiny bit of scarring that fades more and more every day.  They are squishy and my nipples are still sensitive. Can’t wait to get titty-fucked for the first time and have cum splash all over them! Haha!

Other big changes…    My hair is very very “Blondie” now. At first I kinda hated it, but now I think it’s growing on me. But other than my boobs and my hair I’m still that girl next door.

NEXT STOP- NEW YORK!  (This week?, Next week)

I’ll be touring a little on the East Coast this spring and summer. First stop is NYC! I’m so excited to get back to The Big Apple! Going down there to learn some new behind-the-scenes-stuff, test with models for my makeup artistry portfolio, and get some hot shots done for the site. Although I will be busy from time-to-time, I am definitely going to be in town. For those of you  gentlemen who would like to meet me- check in on Eros for the details.  ;0)

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Going South…

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I’m about to head to LA to catch some rays, shoot some hot stuff, and have some fun! Can’t wait to see everyone! Plus I am so ready to make some hot porn. Think I will definitely stop in Dupar’s for that yummy orange juice, watch a movie at Universal City Walk, and take a nice long shopping spree on the boulevard while I am there.

The Tranny Awards are February 19th and I don’t even have a dress yet! Oh well! I have plenty of time to find one. I’m so excited about the awards though!

For those of you who wanted to meet me in San Fran, no worries! I will be back the last week of February! ;-P

Spent the whole morning messing around online and trying to fix my Crackberry. Haha! Setup my Amazon Wishlist so those of you who want to spoil me may do so! 🙂

I’m missing my best friend’s play he is stage managing back East at Hampshire!!! Fooey! Matt…if you read this…. BREAK A LEG!!!! <3 I will definitely be there for the next one! I promise!

Hollywood here I cum!!!

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Touring The West Coast

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I will be heading to the West Coast very soon and the first stop is San Francisco! I have never been to San Fran and I can’t wait! Will be there for about a week starting this Thursday night. Thinking about stopping by Diva’s Nightclub and meeting up with some old friends while I’m in town.

Then it’s off to LA to attend the Tranny Awards and meet up with Buddy Wood and shoot.

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Happy 2012!!

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My friends took me out for my birthday Friday night. We all headed down to the local spot for some drinks. I of course was convinced to wear a tiara. Haha! I had a great time dancing up a storm and gettin’ my drink on.

New years Eve was great too! My roommate and I had a little party at our place. By “little” I mean one of the biggest parties you could have in our apartment. Saw some old friends and met some new ones. Everybody was looking so nice! I rocked out in my Black Swan/Gaga inspired makeup and big hair. I wore this really nice sequence dress too,  that TS Morgan Bailey had given to me a while back.Plus some black leggings, and stiletto heels. My hair…well, if you’re gunna go big- Go BIG! 😀 Around midnight we stammered downtown and all ended up splitting up somehow before the ball lit up at midnight. 🙂 Good times.

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